Here Are Some Tips When You’re Taking Your Dog In Food Parks

You decided you wanted to take your dog to the dog park. You have never done it before. What do you need to know to make it a good experience and ensure your safety and that of your dog? Let’s talk about the tips to keep in mind before you and your dog go to dinner your behavior, the behavior of the dog and what to take with you and what not to carry to the dog park.

Your behavior prepares the scene for a good or less pleasant experience. You must focus on your dog and not be distracted. Think of it as if you were taking your child to the playground and not paying attention to what is happening to you or giving it your full attention. Keep the dog under control. Always keep your leash by your side, especially for the first time in the park, you can keep the dog on a leash. This will provide a little more control over the situation in case of a problem or problem. Do not take small children with you It will distract him and a small child can be seen as a victim of a larger dog in the park. It will not end well and we are preparing for a pleasant and enjoyable time for all.

The behavior of your dog. It is very important that your dog remembers well. Nor should you allow your dog to attack strange dogs, no matter how friendly it may be Another more timid dog may perceive this as aggressive behavior. Dogs that are aggressive to other dogs and people should never be taken to dog parks. This is the basic truth.

Bring a lead. What should and should not be taken to a dog park. Remember to take the lead. A good lead is a good idea, especially for the first or two visits. Bring a bowl or folding dishes and a little water. Do not bring raw delicacies or dog food; This can cause problems, especially in dogs prone to aggression. If your dog is still a puppy, better research what is a good puppy food. You can bring small delicacies to reward the dog for its good behavior. It is advisable not to give treats to another dog without the consent of the dog’s guardian. Dogs can be allergic to ingredients such as wheat, soy, chicken, etc., so remember to ask before giving it to another dog. Make sure the dog has a collar and rabies markers. And for the goodness sake, bring the bags and clean your dog.

As you can see, there are several important things to consider when planning a trip to a local dog park. Most of them are basic, not space science, but remember to follow them so that the trip to the dog park is a great experience for you and your pet, the experience you want to enjoy again and again. Dogs are special and smart animals which learn various habits and develops various character according to the type of training they receive. Each dog is different from another based on the traits.