5 Additional Woodwork Projects Essential for Food Truck

Apart from the initial cost of purchasing a truck, you are better off doing a food truck business than opening a restaurant.

The health certifications and regulations you need can be your capital when you opt to do it from a truck. The only thing you need is additional shelves and cabinets to support the business.

When supplying food from a truck, you need additional woodwork projects to make your work easy.

The DIY projects come in handy to improve productivity and movement while selling on your vehicle.

With tight competition in the food business, you have to think beyond the box. How can you reach people who are away from the markets?

Can you offer delivery services to improve business income? These are some of the questions that push most entrepreneurs to start a food truck business.

What are the advantages?

  • Affordable and cheaper than opening a restaurant
  • Need minimal setup cost- only the modified truck
  • Increases your revenue stream
  • Widen your customer base
  • No monthly bills and wages
  • Flexible opening and closing hours

When working in a strict budget, then DIY projects come in handy to start your business with minimal cost. Have a look at the 5 Additional Woodwork Projects Essential for Food Truck

Wooden cabinets

Storage is essential in the hospitality business. You may not have all the foods at once due to their availability.

Therefore, you need to have the right place where you can store your vegetables and still have them fresh for your customers.

While getting your cash, you may not keep all the money in your pockets. A cabinet comes in handy as a temporary safe before you take it to the bank.

Choose a simple design that you can make at home and mount it on your truck for easy use. Have in mind, you may want to use the truck for other functions, an inbuilt cabinet may not be an ideal option for now.

Why choose a customized wooden cabinet for your food truck?

  • Maximizes on space
  • Plays multiple functions
  • Stores food not in use at that time
  • Enhances the aesthetic value of your truck

Display shelves

How will people know what you sell? Yes, it is a food truck, but what is the product in stock for the day?

The best way to answer such questions is to get a wooden display shelf with wooden edges to avoid repeating the answers to all customers who visit the food truck.

The part facing the public may have a glass plate for easy visibility. It is a wooden project that requires simple wooden tools to have the best.

With a band saw and a planer, you are good to go. Although you can’t make it on-site due to the heavy-duty work involved with the equipment, you can use your backyard to connect the band saw.

 Once you have the wooden pieces, you need a planning machine with a powerful motor to handle the planning services for that smooth finish that attracts customers.

A combination of a jointer planer comes in handy for this simple woodwork project.

Waiting bench

How are you planning to handle the sit-in customers? When you have an influx of customers at a go, they are ready to wait.

Don’t you think it’s courteous enough to make a waiting bench to prevent customers from going away only because you can’t serve all of them at the same time?

 Remember that’s money slipping your hands just like that. A waiting bench is a simple woodwork project that shouldn’t cost you a dime.

With a few woodwork tools and wooden pieces of the desired length (must fit in the food truck), you are good to go.

Join them together and get that smooth finish. People pay little attention to the interior design of a food truck compared to a restaurant.

 This doesn’t mean you compromise on quality. At times, it becomes the only attraction ahead of the competition when there is flooding in the food truck business in the market.

Portable table

In business, you must have a plan B. What if you are overwhelmed with customers? What of customers who want to have a taste of the food on-site? It’s something you didn’t plan, but having it in mind is an excellent idea.

 A portable table is the best solution for this. It would help if you had several of them to accommodate more and more people as long as you are in line with the state regulations.

This woodwork Project is flexible and straightforward, just as the name suggests.

You design it with a wooden top but with metallic stands to supports the folding and opening functions for durability. Although you have an option of making it with wooden stands too.

Wooden staircase

We have focused so much on the customers. It’s time to look at yourself and the employees. It’s impractical for all the customers to climb up the truck to get foodstuff.

It’s upon you do to the donkey work- you need the money after all. Therefore you need a staircase to help you navigate between the truck and the ground with ease.

 Your family needs you safe and sound; there is no need to get a fracture while in line of duty.

Just at a glimpse, you notice that several woodwork projects support this mobile food business.

As an entrepreneur, whatever helps you to save on cost is a welcome idea. The woodwork projects above are must-have equipment as much as they are additional equipment.

Do your maths. How much will you spend when making all these things at a go? Is it not enough to purchase enough stock to improve the quality of your business?

Therefore, with this background, go ahead of the competition and invest in woodwork tools and skills that come in handy to save on cost.

Moreover, you’ll get to enjoy the following benefits

  • Improves your creativity and innovation skills
  • It’s a form of workout for it builds your muscles
  • Allows your body and mind to relax relieving stress and depression
  • A good pass time
  • Ideal as another source of income

Food truck drivers need woodwork skills to design unique projects that support the business through value-added service.

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